When it comes to investing in a fleet of vehicles for your business, you not only want to protect the fleet, but you’ll want to make your money’s worth. One of the best ways to do that is by choosing full graphic wraps for your fleet. These high-quality, stylish vehicle wraps not only look smart but offers the advertising and marketing you need with minimal effort. Furthermore, full graphic wraps work on all vehicles in your fleet, whether these are cars, buses, vans or boats, yes boats!

Not convinced? Here are three of the best reasons for choosing full graphic wraps for your business fleet.

Three advantages of full graphic wraps

  1. Cost-effective

The exposure your fleet will get from full vehicle wraps is one of the cheapest marketing and advertising ventures that you can do. In busy areas, your vehicle wrap has the potential to be seen by as many as 3,000 people in just one hour. If you’re looking to boost your brand exposure and ramp up your marketing, vehicle wraps are a promising way to go.

With a fleet of vehicles, your brand is more prominent and more recognisable. You also have the chance to reach a broader range of potential customers when every vehicle of your fleet is out and about.

  1. Preserve value

Your fleet will undoubtedly be expensive, and protecting your fleet is essential when it comes to returning the vehicles at the end of a lease or selling the vehicles when you need to replace them. Scratches can lower the value, as can painted vehicles as they will have to be resprayed at the time of sale.

Full graphic wraps can help to protect the paintwork of the vehicle, preserving its value. What’s more, vehicle wraps can be easily removed with no damage to the paintwork when it is time to sell or return the vehicles.

  1. Get the perfect professional image

Getting the right branding and colours through paint can be difficult. However, full graphic wraps use high-quality printers so you can ensure you have the exact branding that you want including exacting colours and fonts. These all contribute to a professional and recognisable image as well as ensuring that branding across all outlets is aligned.

Furthermore, full vehicle graphic wraps can last for up to ten years, meaning your fleet of vehicles will continue to look professional and on-brand rather than tired and scruffy.

Brand your fleet with full graphic wraps

At Elite Branding Co., we take all the stress of branding your vehicles away. Throughout the design, implementation and aftercare stages, you will have a dedicated account manager to look after the whole process for you.

“Working with more and more commercial businesses, we understand how having an account manager, and a design team working for you is important. We want to ensure that the process is hassle-free and you have a team that you can trust to deliver to your high expectations.” Richie Palmer, Director of Elite Branding Co.

Ready to skyrocket your marketing and boost your exposure? Get in touch with the Elite Branding Co. team for your free, bespoke fleet wrapping quote.