Go big or go home should be our motto for the last week as we have been wrapping bus after bus with fantastic bus branding. Our team have been hard at work creating some eye-catching and unusual designs. Once the buses are out of service in the wee small hours of the night, the wrapping team have been applying the designs so that they’re ready to go in the morning.

We’re Big On Bus Branding

At Elite Branding Co., we work with bus and coach companies as well as design and media agencies to bring buses to life! For bus branding, each client is assigned an account manager. The account manager will make sure the team follow every single requirement. Furthermore, with their expertise in the area, they know how to keep your vision strong. Account managers also know how to transform this vision into fantastic bus branding that stands out.

For media agencies, having a single point of contact through an account manager can be a great help. The account manager will have a detailed knowledge of your vision and the results you want to see. Consequently, as the account manager works alongside the design team, you can be confident of a stunning design that translates to the bus, whether it is a single or double-decker!

Bus Branding Around You

For big branding projects involving a whole fleet of vehicles, we know how difficult it can be to take time off the roads. This is why the team works around you. We can complete bus wrapping jobs when buses are off the road. Whatever your bus schedule, we can come to you and wrap at the bus depot when the buses are not in action.

“We’ve recently completed some really unusual and fun designs for media agencies, showing the vehicle wrapping is great for whatever message you want to portray. A recent design was a pink double-decker bus covered in unicorns. We’re looking forward to seeing this bus in and around Cardiff and watching people’s reactions to it!” – Richie Palmer, Director of Elite Branding Co.

We don’t just focus on buses

We can wrap almost anything! From trains to cars, boats to buildings, we’re here for all your wrapping needs! Get in touch with our team today to receive your free quotation and discuss your vision with a dedicated account manager.