Regardless of whether your business is in the bustling M4 corridor or a busy area such as Cardiff, Swansea, Newport or Bristol, as a small business it can be hard to get seen and heard.  It is tough for small enterprises to compete against more prominent brands. Especially when bigger brands have deeper pockets for marketing and advertising. So how can you make sure you remain competitive? The answer is in small business custom wraps. 

What are small business custom wraps?

At Elite Branding Co., we want to help small businesses succeed. One of the best ways to boost your visibility is through small business custom wraps. We can take your logo, branding ideas and business information and create a customised vehicle wrap for almost any mode of transportation. From bikes, cars, vans or lorries, our small business custom wraps give your business the visibility you need.

Five reasons why you need small business custom wraps

1. Cost-effective

Elite Branding Co., has a special deal exclusively for tradespeople, where you can receive a small business custom transit full van wrap at a special price of £1895. Find out more about our offer here.

2. Unavoidable

If you take your wrapped vehicle for a spin in Bristol or Cardiff or up and down the M4 corridor, just think about how many eyes will be on your car. Your eye-catching custom wrap could be seen and remembered by thousands of people.

3. Strategic

With a small business custom wrap, you can target the specific audience you are looking for. No more time-wasting calls. Instead, your design could attract the buyers you want. Furthermore, you can then take your custom wrap to places where your target market will be.

4. Be interesting

With so many businesses competing for attention, your custom wrap is a chance to grab attention and engage interest. Your vehicle is your chance to display the personality of your brand and give your audience a talking point.

5. Persistent marketing

While your website may drop in rankings or your TV or radio advert is taken off the air after a while, your vehicle can provide the consistent marketing that lasts. As a result, the return on investment for a vehicle wrap is significant when you consider other advertising tactics that are much more short-lived. As long as your vehicle gets around, you continually attract new prospects.

Find out more about how small business custom wraps can work harder for you by getting in touch with the Elite Branding team by calling 07804 590 774.