Vehicle Safety Markings

High Conspicuity Vehicle Markings

We work with emergency services, maintenance companies, and road management companies making sure their fleets and staff stay road safe.

We exclusively work with 3M products including their diamond grade product range. Elite Branding Co. choose 3M for their high-quality and durability.  By selecting the diamond-grade range, these products can last from 3 to 10 years. We can fit them wherever is best for you; at our high tech facilities in Newport, or we can come to you at your business premises for ultimate convenience.

Rear Chevron Markings

With the introduction of Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, it errs fleet managers to side with safety first. High conspicuity markings for those vehicles that regularly stop on the road for works purposes and other highway duties are a must. The range we instal can be fitted fast! Either at our facilities or on site. They offer extra protection to your staff, the public and other vehicles, as well as looking great!

We can talk through with you some of the ways we work with other roadside maintenance or tradespeople to ensure their staff stay visible and safe.


Emergency Service Vehicle Markings

You need no introduction to the necessity for staff, service users, and the public to be at maximum safety with these kinds of vehicles. They may face adverse weather conditions, smoke, fog, fire, and, therefore, maximum visibility is imperative.

The range that we use is Diamond Grade from 3M  and comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. This is why fire, ambulance and police service crews come to us for their vehicle markings.



Regulation ECE104 Vehicle Markings (High Sided Vehicle Markings)

Here is some more information on high sided vehicles. We can walk you through the markings that your fleet needs, call today.

For any Heavy Good Vehicles over 7.5 tonnes manufactured after 2011, it is mandatory to use conspicuity markings on the front, side and back of the lorry. We can fit these with a fast turnaround. They are highly reflective and fantastically hard wearing, keeping your trucks and drivers safe.

More Information

Here is a useful table that works through the 3M High Conspicuity Vehicle Markings range that we can use.

Don’t worry if all this seems too much; give us a call and we can help. With our expertise in the road markings, we will listen to all of your needs and help you find the right vehicle visibility markings solution for your vehicle or fleet.


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