At Elite Branding Co., we know the sky is the limit when it comes to vehicle wrapping. From swimming pools to shops, fridges to giant kegs, we have done it all. However, by far our most popular services is our business vehicle wraps. A business vehicle wrap is your own mobile billboard. It attracts attention, provides information and gives your brand more exposure. You may think wrapping only works on certain vans. However, Elite Branding Co., can help every vehicle to shine with our business vehicle wraps. 

Which Vehicles Can Have Business Vehicle Wraps?

Large Fleets

Most people commonly associate vehicle wrapping with businesses that have large fleets. Business vehicle wraps for large fleets increases brand power. It makes business vehicles instantly recognisable. Many of us will associate specific brands with their vehicle wrapping. For example, Sky advertise their TV shows through wrapping while Eddie Stobart has the name of each vehicle across the whole fleet. Whether your fleet consists of skip lorries, petrol tankers, cars or vans; we can wrap it.

Independent Businesses

If you have a small team and a limited marketing budget, but you do have a vehicle, then business vehicle wraps are ideal. We don’t just work with big businesses with large fleets; we also love to help independent and small businesses get the exposure they need with bright, eye-catching designs. Vehicle wrapping doesn’t have to be for just transit vans either. We can wrap pick-up trucks for landscapers, trailers for biking companies, company cars for estate agents, food trucks for caterers and minicabs for private drivers.

Whatever your business and whatever your vehicle, you can dramatically increase your exposure and potential client base with business vehicle wraps.


While buses don’t usually advertise their own services, they’re the ideal billboard for other companies. At Elite Branding Co.,  we regularly update buses with new advertisements and wraps to update the look and help more people to discover businesses. From large corporations to SMEs there is a range of different bus branding options to suit your business and budget.

“At our workshop, every day is different, and we never know what idea or vehicle will come our way. However, we are willing to take every project on and love seeing the finished result of wild, wacky and wonderful business vehicle wraps.” Richie Palmer, Director of Elite Branding Co.

Increase Exposure With Your Own Business Vehicle Wrap

Looking for an easy way to market your business? Get in touch with the Elite Branding Co. team who can work their wrapping magic on any business vehicle.

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