At Elite Branding Co, we have been hard at work creating high-quality and vibrant commercial wrapping pieces for a range of big-name clients. From fuel tankers to desk motifs, we have been covering almost everything imaginable in beautiful, bespoke prints to allow brands to shine.

It is no wonder that commercial wrapping is becoming increasingly popular. The techniques and materials we use to create a high-quality and long-lasting effect. However, what is essential for businesses is that as many customers as possible see their eye-catching design.

Recent Work

The most effective commercial wraps

One of the most popular branding exercises is commercial vehicle wrapping. Its effects are remarkable when you consider that when your vehicle is in a high-traffic area, it is possible that around 3,000 potential customers will see it in just one hour alone.

With every motorist spending the average of 1,000 hours in their car a year, commercial vehicle wrapping is an excellent opportunity to advertise and receive high visibility with relatively low cost compared to other advertising methods.

As well as vehicle wrapping, it is essential to think about high-traffic areas that your brand can utilise for commercial wrapping projects. For example, outside your workplace gives greater visibility to people who pass by. If you are opening a new store or office, then retail wraps work wonders and building up the anticipation of your new building or refurbishment.

Commercial wrapping can also be ideal for interior design too. It helps to give an impression of your brand message. Whether you want to be impeccably stylish, promote a product or pay homage to your local area, then interior wrapping creates a vibrant, eye-catching design that is easy to install and upgrade.

The benefits of commercial wrapping

  1. Be professional

If you want your business to give a great impression, then you want your graphics to project a professional image. You can strengthen your brand identity and showcase the quality of your brand. No one will trust a tired and tatty first impression.

  1. Match your brand colours

When businesses use specific colours in their branding, it can be challenging to find products that match. With commercial printing and wrapping, you can be sure that you use the specific brand colour with the latest printing technology.

  1. Safety

Particularly with vehicle wrappings, vinyl can help to protect the paintwork of your vehicles which can help ensure value. It is also easy to remove compared to vehicle spraying should you sell your vehicles. Furthermore, you can add safety features such as fluorescent strips to your vehicles through vehicle wrapping, to help people to be safer on the roads.

“If you want to boost your brand and give your advertising a cost-effective kickstart, then commercial wrapping is an excellent strategy. Working with you and your existing brand materials, we can create seamless designs that carry your brand message through” – Richie, Director of Elite Branding Co.

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