So, to get 2019 off to the sharpest start for your business, we’ve put together a guide as to how to get a wrap for your trade van.

It’s true that we wrap a lot of fleet vehicles, but! Approximately 50% of our business is wrapping vans for 1-man and small trade operations. That’s painters, plumbers, plasterers, gardeners, mobile phone repairers, electricians, vehicle diagnostic experts, professional clears – specialists in every sector come to Elite Branding Co, as we get the job done.

If like us, over the Christmas period you’ve been thinking of small changes that you can make to how you run your business, then I think we can help. Maybe you’ve decided to embrace Instagram, or use a mobile accounting app (such as Quickbooks Mobile), or do more specific kind of work to streamline how you operate? One worthwhile enhancement is getting your van wrapped.

If you want a van wrapped in Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea or Newport – here’s how we can help.

Step 1 – Decide to Get a Wrap to Promote your Business

Marketing works. Looking Professional Works. Putting your clearest customer proposition on your vehicle so all can see it works.

When you turn up for jobs, customers will see that you are a professional outfit. This will instill them with confidence, and you will be able to bill successfully.

Everywhere you drive, people, will be potential customers. When you are doing jobs people in the area will see what you’re reliable and worthy.

Step 2 – Call Elite Branding, Let’s Hear About Your Business

We want to know how you operate, what kinds of customers you serve, what you one fantastic, amazing service is… Call Pierra or Richie on 07804 590 774 and we can help understand your business ambitions.

Step 3 – We Create a Brief for Our Design Team

Together with your input, our ideas, your ideas and your goals we craft a brief that covers your logo, core colours, the type of vehicle that the wrap is going on, your core message, and the bigger vision.

Our designer then gets busy, working his creative magic, and drawing up beautiful plans for getting your brand, your message, and your vision onto your vehicle.

Step 4 – Design Agreed!

Once you’ve seen the design, their maybe a set of tweaks that we do, to really go that extra mile and make you happy.

Then, we get your design printed on our in house huge format printer, on the desired wrap material that you’ve chosen.

We use template based on the vehicle that you have, then means that the design will fit perfectly to your van.

Step 5 – Let’s Wrap

We’ll book you into our workshop. This is typically a 1 or 2 day slot, depending on the complexity of the wrap.

When you arrive we’ll talk you through the process, and tell you the exact steps that we’ll take to get your vehicle wrapped to perfection. So that you have peace of mind.

Your vehicle, is prepared.

And wrapped meticulously – *we’ll go into the wrapping process in another blog post!

Step 6 – Come Collect

When you collect your vehicle, over a fresh coffee, we’ll walk you around the vehicle, showing you how we’ve wrapped and made your brand ready to roll!

We’ll give you some aftercare advise on how best to keep your wrap in best the condition.

Step 7 – Enjoy!

Like most our customers, we think you’ll love the Elite Branding Wrap Experience, and most likely recommend us to other trades that you may know.

Contact us Today, to get your 2019 ambitions started.