Think vehicle graphics are only for big businesses? Then think again! Think that only tradespeople need vehicle graphics? Not true. All businesses can benefit from vehicle graphics regardless of the vehicles they use. Whether your team uses bikes, cars, coaches or boats, vehicle wrapping in Bristol and Cardiff can be a great way to get your business out there and seen by millions of people. 

Not convinced? Here are ten reasons why vehicle graphics work for any business.

10 Reasons Why Vehicle Graphics Will Work For You

1. Get your branding out there

Got a great service for your customers? Make sure you show off your brand so that people start to recognise your business and build up much-needed brand recognition.

2. Great for fleets

Ensure every vehicle in your fleet looks consistent with vehicle wrapping, all that brand messaging around the town and city. Look professional and consistent when your staff show up to your clients or customers.

3. Introduce your business to the world

It can be challenging to launch a new business, especially in busy cities where competition is high. Vehicle graphics in Cardiff and Bristol can be an excellent way to drive some enquiries – start your new business and drive up sales.

4. Be professional

A branded vehicle will come across more professional than a plain car or van. Branding can help your business to seem bigger than it is, which can improve the peace of mind of your customers.

5. Additional revenue

Coaches, buses, trains and taxis can add additional revenue by creating advertising space on their vehicles, which they can sell to interested parties.

6. A dedicated account manager

Not sure what branding will work for your business? At Elite Branding Co., each client receives a dedicated account manager who will walk you through the whole process. Furthermore, with a vast range of experience, our account managers know what works and what doesn’t so you get expert advice.

7. On-site wrapping

Your business is busy. We understand. This is why Elite Branding Co. will come to you to wrap your vehicle graphics, so you maximise on your operating time. We even work outside of business hours to for complete convenience.

8. Get people talking

Did you see the bus with the unicorns on it? How about the elephant on the van? Distinctive vehicle graphics will become memorable for your audience. This means your brand builds awareness and gets people talking for all the right reasons. If it suits your business, don’t be afraid to go bold and out-there!

9. Lower insurance

When you have distinctive vehicles, they are less likely to be stolen. As a result, vehicle branding can help to lower your insurance premiums.

10. Protect your paintwork

If your vehicles are on a lease, then vehicle graphics can be a great way to protect the paintwork of the vehicle when it comes to the exchange. You can avoid costly repaint jobs by covering the paintwork with a protective vehicle graphic.

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